The Law Office of
Arthur M. Miksis

Helping you achieve your legal goals.


Years of experience assisting clients in your situation.

Experience is the most valuable trait when selecting an attorney. I began practicing law in 2010. Over the last decade, I have helped a multitude of clients gain as much benefit as possible from the legal system. My knowledge, skills, and abilities are put to work for you now in your case.


Practice Areas

Below are the primary practice areas handled by the office. If you have a different type of case, then please call or use the “Contact” feature on this website.

Personal Injury

Car accidents. Truck accidents. Motorcycle accidents. Slip & fall at a store/business.

Criminal Defense

Felony charges. Misdemeanor charges. Traffic violations. Restraining orders.


Landlord’s rights. Regain possession of a property. Collect past due payments.

Committed to personal service and getting you results.

As a potential client, I meet with you personally to discuss the details of your case. Thereafter, a comprehensive review of the issues is performed and a customized legal strategy developed. You can take comfort in knowing that a professional is working with you from “Day 1”.


“Arthur Miksis met with me at my office and reviewed my defense case. At the 1st court appearance the judge ruled in my favor and dismissed the allegations. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome! Call Miksis to fix this!”

Michael Binns • Client

“I was hit by a car last year. After a couple days in the hospital I went home but I never felt quite right. Then I got the hospital bill and realized I was in some trouble. I made a meeting with Mr. Miksis. He spent as long as I needed to understand everything that was going to happen. A couple months later not only did he get my bills paid but he managed to get a cash settlement put together for my pain from the accident. Mr. Miksis is a lifesaver!“

Ben Zion • Client

“Thank you Arthur!! We were blessed to be referred to you in a troubling situation that noone should ever find themselves in!! You fought for us and showed us there are still amazing people in this world!! We would highly recommend you to anyone that needs help! Thank you for everything!“

Jen Mezes • Client