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Below are opinions from the people themselves.

Got the job done, and never had to step foot in the office.

Billy Gordon

Arthur Miksis was very professional and I highly recommend .He is a great attorney .

Oanh Hoang

Arthur Miksis is best of the best attorney. I would highly recommend Arthur . He is trustworthy caring and accountability. I am very happy with results.

Binh Nguyen

Arthur Miksis is an exceptional attorney, known for his thoroughness, loyalty, and relentless approach. He maintains his composure even when dealing with challenging adversaries, demonstrating his skill in handling difficult situations. In a recent case where he defended against two opposing attorneys, Arthur’s performance was so impressive that it left them questioning their career choices after losing the case so decisively. Miksis Fixed This 🙏🏼

Jonathan Santana

Arthur went above and beyond in representing me in a civil and criminal case that had the potential to get very bad and got it done with a lot less time to be served. Arthur did not hesitate to communicate with me all the time even on days when he should have not. He responded to calls and emails very quickly and I was all the time in the know with what was going on. Thank you Arthur for everything you did. Without you I would’ve been lost.


I highly recommend this attorney. Arthur Miksis was my lawyer 4 years ago and he worked so hard to get a prison sentence off of the table for me over something I didn’t do, that being said he got the case to be dismissed. Very Knowledgable and Friendly! if I need an attorney again in Florida, I’m going to him ! Once again THANK YOU MIKSIS – Chad


Really great lawyer… Very efficient and really cares about helping his clients… will recommend him to anyone in need of his services… Great results 😃

Occie Nettles

Arthur Miksis met with me at my office and reviewed my defense case. At the 1st court appearance the judge ruled in my favor and dismissed the allegations. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome! Call Miksis to fix this!

Michael Binns

Thank you Arthur!! We were blessed to be referred to you in a troubling situation that noone should ever find themselves in!! You fought for us and showed us there are still amazing people in this world!! We would highly recommend you to anyone that needs help! Thank you for everything!

Jen Mezes

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in the Bay area do not look further. Arthur Miksis has a great level of work ethics and efficiency. He worked on my son’s case very diligently until the case was successfully resolved. Highly recommended!

Teresa Cillo

I have dealt with a handful of attorneys through the years personally and professionally. So I can say with great confidence Arthur and Miksis Law are worth the call. Knowledgable, confident, professional and compassionate. Can’t go wrong with them. Be sure to call Miksis to fix this!

Terry Roe

If you find yourself in need of legal representation, you’ll be in good hands with Arthur Miksis. He is caring, compassionate, and perhaps most importantly, knowledgeable!

Cheryl Mitchell

Arthur is very very knowledgeable, caring and all around wants and fights for what is best for you!! You’re in amazing hands with him. Call Miksis to fix it!!

Taylor Topolski

Arthur Miksis is articulate, professional, and down to earth. Being an advocate for others is not just a job for him, it’s a vocation.

Mari Aviles

Arthur is a diamond in the rough. Personable, knowledgeable and a hard worker. If you need legal representation, you want this guy in your corner. :)

Amy Rogers

Mr. Miksis provided me with some incredibly helpful legal advice that saved me thousands of dollars and let me keep my guns. I can’t thank you enough, sir. If you’re in St. Pete and have legal troubles, there ain’t a better deal.

Will Lewis

Great attorney! Professional, attentive and an expert in his field!

Mark Smith